Online Roulette: Deception or an Opportunity to Win Good Money?

It is obvious that in modern online casinos there is no popular game than online roulette.

Various online roulettes offer both a free game and depositing real funds to the account. The second option, of course, implies a real and interesting gain, and therefore enjoys greater popularity.

There are classic roulettes of various types, without a sector of zero and completely different from the classics. There are a number of roulettes in online casino, which in their style are more like the Wheel of Fortune.

Online roulette: the way of gambling

The essence of the online roulette is that you are waiting for the number or color that you have chosen to come out. For this, you need to make a bet.

There are several types of rates. Internal bets are made on certain numbers, and give more money if you win.

Betting system

You can make the following bets:

  1. A bet “on one number” is when you bet on any one number. Winning is 35 to 1;
  2. The “two numbers” bet is a two-number bet and the win is 17 to 1;
  3. A three-number bet, this is (you won’t guess anything) a three-bet bet and the win is 11 to 1;
  4. A bet on three numbers can be made with just one chip, simply by placing it in front of the line of desired numbers;
  5. Angle or cross is a 4-digit bet and gives a gain of 8 to 1;
  6. The chip lies on the common corner of the four rooms;
  7. A six-number bet gives a 5 to 1 win;
  8. The chip lies between two tracks of numbers.

Online roulette: Types and variations

Here are the most popular ones:

  • European;
  • American;
  • French;
  • Without zero – it is distinguished by the absence of cells “0” and “00”, it occurs less frequently;
  • PRO – this type is characterized by high stakes limits, suitable for high rollers;
  • Live – is a game with a live dealer. With the help of cameras installed in the hall, a gambler can monitor all actions of the croupier, and bets are made at the virtual table on the screen.

European roulette

All bets in this game can be divided into two main categories – the so-called internal and external (roulette diamond) bets. You can bet on either one number or a large number of numbers (for example, a small / large bet covers eighteen numbers at once).

Of course, depending on the number of numbers covered by the bet, the chance of winning and the payment for winning can vary. So, for example, by betting on a single number, the player receives a payout from the ratio of 35 to 1 in case of a win. The traditional bets on red / black or even / odd are paid from the ratio of 1 to 1.

French roulette

The aims and objectives are standard, but the playing field is somewhat different. It is also worth considering that all the terms are in French, so it is worthwhile to get acquainted in advance with how this or that rate sounds in order to avoid misunderstanding.

This is a very popular form, in which various competitions are constantly held. Some casinos offer their premier roulette.

American roulette

The peculiarity of American roulette in the presence of two zero. One is ordinary and the other is double. There are not 37, but 38 sectors on the wheel due to the addition of double zero. Such a small change increased the casino’s advantage when compared with the European version of roulette.

However, this type of roulette has a large number of fans and most of those who regard casino roulette as a means to get pleasure from gambling at the expense of increased risk.

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